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If you are an existing customer of Clarix Technologies, you are eligible for our ongoing training.

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All sessions are 1-hour long and start at 2 PM Eastern / 1 PM Central / 11 AM Pacific Time
Training schedule, content, and topics are subject to change.

Adobe Connect Administration


Adobe Connect Meeting Basics


Adobe Connect Meeting Advanced


Adobe Connect Events


Training Sessions Description

All sessions include overview of common tasks, best practices, as well as useful tips and tricks.


• Creating users and groups
• Assigning permissions to users/groups
• Account options
• Customization
• Administration dashboard
• Compliance and control
• Q&A

Meeting Basic

• Creating a meeting
• Adding/restricting participants
• Adding/changing pods
• Adding/changing layouts
• Creating room template
• Q&A

Meeting Advanced

• Meeting folders and management
• Meeting permissions and roles
• Meeting access and control
• Additional meeting pods
• Meeting reporting
• Meeting maintenance and housekeeping
• Q&A


• Creating an event
• Selecting event item
• Customizing registrations
• Automated message options
• Managing and viewing registrations
• Reporting and post-event tasks
• Q&A


• Recording narrations
• Importing audio and video
• Synchronizing/editing audio
• Adding quizzes
        • rules, setup, other options
• Themes and custom branding
• Q&A


• Creating a course
• Creating a curriculum
• Adding courses
• Adding content/grouping content
• Defining curriculum rules
• Test outs
• Prerequisites
• Q&A