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    Our solutions for training and collaboration provide a secure virtual environment where participants can work together in real time to brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, solve problems, and transfer knowledge.

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Secure government and agency web-based training, communications and collaboration

Our solutions for training and collaboration provide a secure virtual environment where participants can work together in real time to brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, solve problems, and transfer knowledge. For processes that require the input and approval of multiple people, our solutions make it easy for participants to collaborate in real time, regardless of where they are, allowing faster decision-making and troubleshooting based on better information. With rich media capabilities, such as video, teleconferencing, and whiteboarding, we deliver an engaging, affordable solution for productive collaboration.

"With Adobe Connect, we can connect in real-time with war fighters and quickly walk them through problem resolution."

Tom Wasnesky
Computer scientist
Telemaintenance Support Services

Whatever your agency’s mission — from distributing benefits to local families to training and collaborating with military personnel halfway around the world — our solutions can help you deliver information to the edge — securely anytime and anywhere, 24x7.

Government Customer Success Stories

The Court of Cremona - Ready for innovation

“By collaborating with Adobe and using products such as Adobe Policy Server, Adobe LiveCycle Workflow, and Adobe Connect, the court is designing a powerful system that can easily be replicated in other areas, without customization. This is important because it allows the Court of Cremona to achieve great results with limited efforts, without developing ad hoc software.”

Pierpaolo Beluzzi,
District representative,
Court of Appeals of Brescia

The Court of Cremona is an efficient unit of the Italian legal system. 14 judges and 50 employees work at the court which assembles about 7 times a week, tackling 12 to 13 criminal trials each time. The Court of Cremona has been using computer technology for quite some time, following guidelines from the Digital Administration Code. Efficiency and speed have inspired several projects including the conversion of documents to digital format done in collaboration with Adobe. For the past several years, all papers related to pre-trial conferences have been available in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Starting recently, all court papers associated with a trial are available in digital format only.


Ontario Ministry of Education - Lesson in achievement: Ontario selects Adobe Connect to enhance public education for more than two million Canadian students

"With Adobe Media Player, our viewers can have both online and offline experiences with us, and this option opens a tremendous opportunity to foster extended relationships.”

Shawn Allenby
Regional eLearning contact
Ottawa Carleton District School Board


The sheer size and scope of Ontario’s public education system poses a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to using technology to help sustain a vibrant, publicly funded program. After conducting an extensive review process, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s software acquisition advisory committee recommended that all 72 school boards, 12 faculties of education, and 6 other public educational entities be empowered with Adobe Connect to foster Internet-based learning and online meetings.


USDA Graduate School - Broadening professional development opportunities

“Our goal is to add experiential value to engage learners in superior ways. Adobe Connect software enables us to do exactly that.”

Sharon Fratta-Hill,
Dean of information technology,
Graduate School, USDA Platform

Because government agencies and enterprises often have limited dollars for job training—particularly for travel—development experts are employing cost-effective web technologies to reach individuals with relevant and engaging courses. As it expands its curriculum to offer more online training via these technologies, the Graduate School, USDA has turned to Adobe solutions.


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